We have top voice talent, proven production teams, cutting edge technology and the experience to handle even the most demanding Voice-over projects.

CKP Media works with the top talent available in every language. They are actors and broadcasters with a vast background in advertising, theater, radio, TV and film. They range in age and style, union and non-union, but they have one thing in common: they are all experienced and know how to get the job done. We constantly update our talent pool through auditions, conducted by our equally experienced language directors, who will ultimately direct the actual recording session, ensuring top quality of our talent and products.

UN Style Voice Overs

UN-style voice-over is used when authenticity is important. It means keeping the original voice but fading it to the background after the first few words of each paragraph and overlaying it with the newly recorded voice.

Traditional Voice Overs

Traditional voiceovers is replacing the original voice(s) with the newly recorded and fit into the same time-frame but without lip-syncing and re-mixing with music and SFX.

Lip Syncing / Voice Dubbing

CKP Media has many years of experience in lip-syncing TV programs, commercials, animations, cartoons, documentaries and feature films.

Games and Apps

So, your game, video or mobile app went viral. You need to act quick to keep the momentum going and offer it in multiple languages. You better contact us today.

Voices for Animations/Cartoons

You need voices for your animations or cartoons? We have them in our database and if not, we will find them and make sure they fit the character and style of your project.

Radio/TV spots & Infomercials

Your need a hot voice for your hot supermodel? We find, record and sync the best fitting voice for maximum effect.

TV programs/Series, Documentaries & Movies

CKP Media has years of experience and access to the resources Broadway offers to lip-sync TV programs & series, documentaries and movies in English and 80+ foreign languages.

Corporate Productions

We localize corporate videos and productions using in-house recorded voice-overs, change titles and graphics, add subtitles, re-mix with music/SFX, and culturally adapt to better suit your target audience.


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